Sole Source Justifications
Dr. Frank Kardasz, November 1, 2009

Grantees who do not permit competitive procurement for products or services must provide proper reasoning for choosing a
sole source.

Applicants should provide written documentation for choosing a sole source based on the following Department of Justice
Guidelines (1)

Justification for Non-Competitive Procurement - (Sole Source Justification)

Paragraph 1 - A brief description of the program and what is being contracted for

Paragraph 2 - Explanation of why it is necessary to contract non-competitively, to include the following

    1. Expertise of the contractor
    2. Management
    3. Responsiveness
    4. Knowledge of the program
    5. Experience of his personnel

Paragraph 3 - Time Constraints

    1. When contractual coverage is required and why
    2. Impact on program if dates are not met
    3. How long would it take another contractor to reach the same level of competence (equate to dollars if desired)

Paragraph 4 - Uniqueness

Paragraph 5 - Other Points that should be covered to “sell the case”

Paragraph 6 - A declaration that this action is in the “best interest” of the agency

(1) Sole Source Justification Guidelines. (no date). Retrieved November 1, 2009 from