Dr. Frank Kardasz, November 1, 2009

Here are some commonly used grant solicitation requirements:

I. Program Abstract

  • The abstract identifies the:

Applicant’s name
Title of the project
Dollar amount requested

  • The abstract must include:

Goals of the project
Description of the strategies to be used
Numerical listing of key/major deliverables
Coordination plans

  • Applicants must use a standard 12-point font (Times New Roman is preferred) with 1-inch margins
  • The abstract must not exceed 1 page

II. Program Narrative

  • The program narrative must::

Respond to the solicitation and the Selection Criteria in the order given

  • The program narrative must be:

Using a standard 12-point font (Times New Roman is preferred)
With 1-inch margins
Must not exceed 8 pages
Number pages “1 of 8,” “2 of 8,” etc.

III. Budget and Budget Narrative

  • Provide a budget that is:


  • Submit the following Budget Documentation

Budget detail worksheet
Budget narrative

IV. Project Timeline

  • Attach a project timeline listing each:

Project goal
Related objective
Expected completion date
Responsible person or organization.

V. Position Descriptions

Position descriptions for all positions the applicant seeks to fund
Resumes of staff already identified

VI. Certifications

VII. Standard Form 424
(see OJP Standard Forms and Instructions http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/funding/forms.htm)