Internet Crimes Against Children
Victim Impact Statement
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Interview/Interrogation Questions for Internet Crimes Against Children

The following list of interview and interrogation questions may be useful to those who investigate Internet
crimes against children.

Dr. Frank Kardasz

Interview / Interrogation Questions for Computer Related Child Sexual Exploitation Suspects


Name, address, phone number(s), birthplace etc.
Former addresses
(Examine passport for travel to sex-tourism destinations.)
What other names have you used?
Any scars, marks, tatoos?
Education - particularly computer education
Any prior arrests?
Registered sex offender?
What vehicle(s) do you own and/or operate?
What weapons and firearms do you own?
How would you describe your level of computer expertise: Beginner?  Intermediate?  Advanced?


Married? (get full information about spouse)
Divorced? (get full information on all prior marriages)
Girlfriend/boyfriend (get full info)
Children (get full information on all children including those from prior marriages and girlfriends children)


Where are you employed?
Address, phone number of business
What is your position and job description?
How long have you been employed there?
Do you have Internet access there?
Where did you work previously?
What was your position and job description at the prior job?
How long did you work there?
Why did you leave that job?
Did you have Internet access at your former employment?
What foreign countries have you visited?
Did you engage in any sex acts with minors there?


Coach? Photographer? Babysitter?
Youth group leader? Teacher?
Religious activities? Counselor?
Where else to you find access to children?
What are your sexual preferences?
Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual?
Are you sexually attracted to minors?
What fetishes and paraphilias do you have?
Use sexual aides?
Do you use Viagra or an equivalent?
Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?
When did you contract the disease?
What medication(s) do you take for the disease?


What Internet Service Provider (ISP) do you use?
What is your online profile?
How do you pay for the account?
What time of day or night are you usually online?
Will you permit us to take over your screen name and assume your on-line identity?


What are all the passwords you use?
Who else has knowledge of the passwords?
Does you utilize encryption?
What type of encryption?
What is the password for the encryption, and is there more than one password?

Do you use Steganography?


Who uses the computer(s)?
During what hours of the day is the computer normally used?
From what locations do you use a computer? Home, business, public library, public computer
café, friend’s house?
(Obtain addresses of all other locations from which the suspect computes)
What level of computer expertise do you have? (beginner – intermediate - advanced?)


How many computers do you have?
Cell phones?
Hard drives?
Digital Cameras?
Zip Drives?
Thumb Drives?
Tape Drives?
Recordable CD’s? DVD's?
Do you own or utilize a laptop computer?
Do you own or utilize a hand-held personal electronic organizer like a Palm Pilot or
Handspring Visor?
Do you store any of your equipment or storage media in other locations? If yes, where?
Where in your home do you use the computer?
Has the computer been serviced or repaired recently?
If yes, who serviced the computer, when, where and why?
Do you use a web camera?
Do you expose your genitals to others while using your web cam?
Do you expose your genitals to minors while using your web cam?


What operating systems are used? (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Linux, UNIX, OS/2, Apple & MAC)
What programs do you have for chatting?
What programs do you have for images or movies?
What programs do you have for encryption?
What programs do you use for wiping or shredding data?


What Internet Service Provider (ISP) is used to access Internet?
How long have you used this ISP?
What is your ISP logon name and password?
Why did you choose that name, what significance does it have?
What type of communication system do you use to access the Internet? Analog phone line?
Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable?
Do you have your own web site or home page?
What is the web page address?
What ISP do you use for this service?
What time of day do you normally log on to the Internet?
What nicknames and screen names to you use and why did you choose these?
Who are the people listed on your buddy lists?
Do you have e-mail accounts?
What e-mail services do you use? Hotmail, Yahoo, Juno, AOL?
Do you maintain a Yahoo profile with images stored on-line?
Do you use IRC or MIRC?
What is your ICQ number and password and who are your buddies?
What newsgroups do you subscribe to?
What listserves do you subscribe to?


Do you use any on-line storage services to save files?
Do you use peer-to-peer services such as Ares, Phex, Kazaa, Bearshare, Limewire, Gigatribe or
What search terms do you use? (e.g: PTHC, r@ygold, Lolita)
At what times of the day do you usually search?
How many peer to peer files do you share?
Do you have direct contact with people you share files with (Internet chat, e-mail, regular mail, face to
What collections to you have and what are the names of the minors depicted in those series?
Who do you share files with most frequently?
Do you trade stories of erotica in addition to images?
What stories do you have?


What images and information are stored on your computer?
Where else do you store pornographic images and where are these devices? (floppy disk, CD, tape,
Palm, cell phone, off-site storage at a web site or on someone else’s server).
Do you categorize your computer image files by the age of the person in the image?
Do you categorize your computer image files according to the sex acts being performed?
How are your images and movie files stored? JPEG, GIF, TiFF, Bitmap, PNG, Video formats?
How do you trade images and movies with others?
Do you have back-up files?
Where are the backup's kept?
What cloud services do you use?
Did you know that even after users believe that they have deleted images from a computer the images
will sometimes remain on the computer?
Do you know what a cache file is?
How would you describe a cache file?
Do you know what unallocated space is?
How would you describe unallocated space?


You are the only user of the computer, is that correct?
(If no...) Who are the other users? (name, address, phone...)
Where are they now?
You are the only one who knows your passwords, is that correct?
(If no...) Who are the other users? (name, address, phone...)
Where are they now?
You are the only person who uses the screen name _, correct?
(If no...) Who are the other users? (name, address, phone...)
Where are they now?


Will you allow us to take over your screen names, e-mail names and other web identities?
Will you sign a consent form to permit us to take over your screen names and other identities?
What are the screen names of your associates on-line?
Among you on-line friends, who are the most prolific high-volume traders of unlawful images that you
communicate with?
What are the passwords?

(Asking questions about legal adult pornography allows the interviewer to later make a logical transition
to asking about the child pornography.)


There are over a million adult pornography sites on the Internet.  Most adult pornography is not unlawful.  
Millions of people view adult pornography and the right to do that is protected under the First Amendment
to the US Constitution.

Are we going to find any adult pornography on your computer?
How often do you view adult pornography on the Internet?
How many pornographic pay sites do you belong to?
What are the names of the sites?
Do you have any adult pornography stored on your computer, floppy diskettes or other media?
What percentage of your pornographic image collections depict adults only?
Estimate how many images of adult pornography you think there are on the Internet.
Do you masturbate to the images?
How often do you masturbate?
Do you think that someone who enjoys adult pornography will automatically begin to start also  enjoying
illegal child pornography?


Do you keep children's toys?
Do you keep children's clothing?
Do you keep children's undergarments?
Do you have images of children nude?
Do you have paintings of children?
Do you keep non-sexual photographs of children?
Do you keep pictures from printed advertisements of children wearing underwear?
What television programs do you enjoy most?
What computer games do you play?
What kinds of collections do you keep?
What erotic books have you read?
Have you ever written stories about your sexual activities?
Where are those stories now? (Note: collect the stories to help prove intent)
Have you written stories about your sexual fantasies?
Where are those stories now? (Note: collect the stories to help prove intent)
Do you trade stories and information about your sex life and fantasies with others?
Who are the other people?
What child modeling sites do you visit on the Internet.


Unlawful images depicting the sexual exploitation of minors are often called child pornography. Tell me
your definition of child pornography.
If the offender only describes nudism or erotica ask:
As you know, child pornography also includes unlawful images of the sexual exploitation of children and
you were aware of that correct?
Do you have illegal child pornography in the computer now?
Describe the images.
Do you have illegal child pornography on any storage media?
Describe the images.
Do you have printed images of illegal child pornography?
Describe the images.
Have you had images of illegal child pornography in the computer previously?
Describe the images.
Estimate how many of your collected images contain children?
How do you get the images?
Where do you store these images (home, office, rented storage locker, off-site computer storage)?
How many of these images do you currently have saved to your computer hard drive, floppy  diskettes, off-
site storage or other media?
What search engines do you use? Google? Dogpile? Alta Vista?
What search terms do you use to find images?
What web sites do you visit?
Have you searched Pre-teen or Lolita sites for sexual images?
Did you show any of the child pornography images to anyone else?
How do you hide the images from others?
Is your wife/girlfriend aware that you have child pornography?
Did you delete any of these images from your computer, floppy diskettes or other media?
How old do you think the children are in these images?
Do you masturbate to the images?
How often do you masturbate to the images?
What kinds of images make you the most sexually aroused?
Do you have printed out images of minors involved in sex acts anywhere?
Where are the images now?
Who else to you trade images with?
Do you sell or trade images and movie files? (trafficking)
What form(s) of payment to you use to collect from those you sell images or movies to?
What do you do with the money you collect from those you sell images or movies to?
Who do you sell images to?
What do you think should happen to someone who possesses illegal child pornography?
What do you think should happen to someone who creates child pornography while sexually victimizing
a minor?
What message would you like us to give to the actual victims of child pornography?


Are you a published author or writer?
What have you published?
What subjects do you write about?
How do you research the subjects you write about?
Where were your works published?
Were you paid for the publication?
How much were you paid?
Did your report your earnings to the Internal Revenue Service?
Who were the editor and publisher for your publication(s)?
Were you a free-lance submitter or are you under contract with the publisher?
Who are you under contract with and what are the terms of the contract?


Are you a researcher?
Where do you go to school?
What degree are you seeking?
Who is your instructor?
Who is on your research committee?
Describe the research methods that you are using?
Did you conduct a literature review?
If yes, may I see the literature review?
What is the hypothesis of your research?
When did you begin this research?
Where did you record the results of your other research on this subject?
Did your school provide you with permission to conduct research on human subjects?
If yes, was the permission written?
If yes, may I see the written permission?
When will you finish the research?
Did you attend any research methods courses?
Where will your research be published?
Who is your publisher?
Have you conducted research in the past?
If yes, where is it published?


What chat rooms do you visit?
What screen names do you use in chat rooms?
Who do you chat with and what do you chat about?
What days of the week and what times of the day do you chat?
Do you visit chat rooms where you know that minors might be discussing sex?
Do you play games on-line so that you can meet minors there?
online games do you play?
Have you met any of the players in-person?
What sex acts did you participate in after you met?

- TIP - In undercover luring cases, the interrogator should not tell the suspect that an undercover officer
was playing the role of a minor. Let the suspect believe that he was chatting with an actual child.


What social networking or dating sites do you use?
Partial list:,,,,,,,,,,, Ning,,,,,
, Instagram, Twitter,

What screen names do you use at the sites?
Who are your closest friends on the sites?
Have you met any of them in person?
When we contact the friends listed on your social networking site(s), what will they tell us about you?
What email addresses do you use to register at the sites?
Do you use credit card services to purchase membership?
What credit card do you use?
Have you met in person with people you first encountered at a social networking site?
Would you like to write an apology letter to any of the minors?


Can you remember back to the first time you imagined having sex with a minor?
Tell me about that.
As an adult, you continued to have thoughts about sex with minors?
As an adult, how many minors have you contacted on the Internet and chatted with?
Did you chat about sex with them?
In this case, when you first introduced the idea of sexual contact with the child you contacted on the
Internet, what was
his/her reaction?
How old did he/she say he/she was?
In this case, approximately how long ago was it that you first introduced the idea of sex to the child?
Did the child resist your offer of sex?
Did anyone force you to meet with the minor?
As an adult, how many other times have you met with a minor and engaged in sex?
What are the details of those meetings?


What screen name(s) do you use?
When did you first have Internet contact with (victim or UC)?
How long did you chat with (victim or UC)?
How many Internet conversations would you estimate that you had with (victim or UC)?
What chat room were you in?
Is there a lot of discussion about sex in that chat room?
How old is (victim or UC)?
What gender is (victim or UC)?
Where does (victim or UC) live?
If you had not been stopped, you would have had sex with the minor is that correct?
What sex acts did you plan to have?
Where did you plan to have sex?
Were you going to use birth control?
What form of birth control?
Were you using any protection from sexually transmitted diseases?
What form of protection?
How far did you travel to meet with the minor?
Did you have any other business in the vicinity of the meeting place?
Did you bring gifts, money, toys to the meeting?
What gifts, how much money, what toys?
Did you ever send gifts, money or toys to a minor whom you met on the Internet?
(If the suspect is remorseful) Would you like to write an apology to the minors involved to give everyone
What message would you like us to give to the victim?
What do you think should happen to someone who lures or entices a minor for sex?


Who are the minors in the images?
Where are they now?
Who took the pictures?
When and where were the pictures taken?
Have you taken pictures or movies of minors engaged in sex acts?
(If the suspect is remorseful) Would you like to write an apology to the minors in the pictures to give
everyone closure?


What are some of the search terms and phrases you use to find illegal child pornography?
What does the term “Lolita” mean to you?
What does PTHC mean? (Pre teen hard core)
What does the term “pre-teen” mean?
What do the terms “young” and “younger” mean?
What does it mean to “cyber”?
What is NAMBLA? (North American Man-Boy Love Association)


NOTE: The title, “pedophile” is sometimes incorrectly used when referring to possessors of unlawful
images and luring/enticement suspects. Pedophile is a medical condition. It is not unlawful to be a
pedophile. Pedophilia becomes unlawful only when the person acts contrary to the law.  According to, The American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
Disorders, Fourth Edition Text Revision (DSM-IV-TR) criteria for Pedophilia (302.2) are:

    1. Over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual
    urges, or  behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age
    13 years or  younger);
    2. The person has acted on these sexual urges, or the sexual urges or fantasies cause marked
    distress or interpersonal difficulty;
    3. The person is at least age 16 years and at least 5 years older than the child or children in
    Criterion A.

As an interview/interrogator, you may ask the following questions:

Over a period of at least 6 months, have you had recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual
urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years
or younger)?
Have you acted on these sexual urges? What have you done?
Have the fantasies caused marked distress or interpersonal difficulty?
Are you at least 5 years older that the child or children who are the subjects of your fantasies, urges or


Tell me about the children you have touched.
While you were an adult, how many minors have you had sexual contact with?
What are their names?
How old were you when it happened?
How old were they when it happened?
How old are they now?
Where did these incidents happen?
Where are they now?
When did these incidents happen?
How old were the minors when the offenses occurred?
(If the suspect is remorseful) Would you like to write an apology to the minors in the pictures to give
everyone closure?
Have you ever formed a relationship with an adult who had children so that you could have sex with that
persons children?
Who was that adult and who were the children?
Do you fantasize sexually about pre-pubescent children?
(if yes) For how long have you had such fantasies?
Are you a pedophile?
Have you ever undergone treatment or counseling for your sexual preferences?


Have you been to other countries?
Which countries have you been to?
What cities did you visit?
What hotels did you stay in?
What bars did you visit?
What other locations did you visit?
When did you go to those countries?
Did you have contact with children while you were there?
Who were the children that you met?
What are their full names and addresses?
What travel service(s) did you use?
How did you learn about these travel services?
Were you part of a travel/tour group?
Who did you travel with?
Were these trips made for the purpose of meeting children?
Did you participate in sex acts with children?
Were your sex acts recorded, photographed or video taped?
Where are those images now?
May I see your passport? (Record the information about travel dates and locations)


Is everything you told me truthful?
Would you take a polygraph to verify your truthfulness?
How do you think the polygraph test would turn out?


What do you think should happen to a person who commits this offense?
(If the suspect believes an offender should receive lenient sentencing it may be an indicator of  
deception because most people believe criminals should be harshly punished.)


Are you in generally good health?
Do you have a heart condition?
Do you take testosterone?
Do you have erectile dysfunction?
Are you presently under the care of a psychiatrist or psychologist?
What is the name of your psychiatrist or psychologist?
When did you last visit a psychiatrist or psychologist?
Are you taking any medications prescribed by the psychiatrist or psychologist?
What medication(s) are you taking?
Who is the doctor that prescribed the medication(s)?
Do you ever take your medications and also simultaneously drink alcohol, smoke marijuana or take
other drugs?
What effect do the drugs have on your thoughts about sex?
What is a pedophile?
Would you call yourself a pedophile?
Are you a sex addict?

When you are released, do you think that you will continue to fantasize about sex with minors?
When you are released, will you try to contact minors so that you can have sex with them?
Is your penis circumcised or uncircumsized? (This may be important information if the suspect is an
actor in unlawful images)


Parents names, locations and phone numbers
Brothers, sisters, cousins names locations and phone numbers
Former spouses/girlfriends names, locations and phone numbers
Best friends names, locations and phone numbers?
Prominent facial, physical or voice characteristics.
Tatoos scars & birthmarks. (photograph them)
Does the suspect wear glasses? (Take a photo of suspect with and without glasses)
Medical conditions requiring ongoing treatment?
What medications?
Veteran of the Armed Forces?
Place of birth; city and, state
Former places of residence.
What foreign countries have you visited?
What job skills to you have?
What hobbies do you have?
Do you own any firearms or other weapons?
What cars to you own or have access to?


Have you been truthful throughout this entire interview?
Were any threats made to you regarding this interview?
What do you think about the size of this interview room? Is it too small?
What about the temperature in this interview room? Is it too hot? Too cold?
Are you comfortable?
Were you intimidated during this interview?

What else would you like to tell us?
This is the time to get this all over with by telling me about everything that has been bothering you.


I speak to people like you every day. Your situation is not unusual nor strange to me. Many of the people
I  talk to are troubled because they have to live with secrets that they are embarrassed to tell. For some
of  them, it is a relief to get the information off of their minds and to tell me their stories.

We have some partial pieces of information about you and we will continue our investigation. Computers
and the Internet hold a lot of interesting information about people. Our computer forensics examiners are
still busy conducting research on your case. Other investigators may contact friends, relatives, children,
neighbors and employers to gather information about your activities. It will just be a matter of time until
we have all of the information that we need to find the truth.

This would be a good time to get this all over with and to get this off of your mind - are you ready to tell
me the names? (of unidentified minors victimized)

(If not) Here is my name and phone number. When you are ready to tell me the whole story – call.


Were you threatened or intimidated during this interview?
Were any promises made to you before this interview?
Thank you for your cooperation.

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